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School Buses – Keeping our Kids Safe





Quick Tips

  1.  All students are allowed one pick up location and one drop off location.  They are not allowed to rotate between different stops unless on a one week on/off plan due to living arrangements.
  2.  NO TEMPORARY BUS PASSES ARE ALLOWED.  If a need arises for a child to get dropped off/picked up at any place other than their assigned stop, the parent/guardian needs to make those arrangements.
  3.  Please have your child at the assigned bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time in the mornings.  If a bus is at the stop at the correct time (10 min. window) and the child misses the   bus, we will not instruct the bus driver to go back and pick up your child.
  4.  If your child is in pre-school or utilizes SPED transportation, we require that a responsible greeter be present at the bus stop and you will need to contact your school to set up   transportation.

Steps to receive transportation

  1. Please make sure your child is registered in Powerschool at the school level.  No students are allowed to ride unless the info in PS is correct. Write the student ID down in a safe place.
  2. Check here or download the Ride360 app to see if your child is assigned to a bus.  If the address and stop is correct, you are finished.  If the info is incorrect or there is no info available, please fill out a transportation form located here.
  3.  After you have filled out the request form, go back to the Ride360 website or app to see updated route information. (updated route info may take up to 3 business days.)


There are several advantages to downloading the Ride360 app to access bus route info.  Not only will it provide you with the bus information but you can live track the school bus your child is assigned to within the app.  The transportation dept. utilizes the app to communicate with parents regarding bus changes/time changes. (When you are setting up the app for the first time, it will ask for the school your child attends. Please type in Greater Clark County Schools.)

If you have any questions or issues concerning the app, please email


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Help keep our kids safe:

Tips for Motorists:

  • Be alert and slow down when driving in neighborhoods with school zones.
  • Watch for children walking, playing or assembling near bus stops. Children arriving late for the bus may dart into the street without looking for traffic.
  • Obey the school bus laws in your State, as well as the flashing light signal systems used on school buses.
    • Flashing yellow lights indicate the bus is preparing to stop to load or unload children. Motorists should slow down and prepare to stop their vehicles.
    • Flashing red lights and extended stop arms indicate the bus has stopped and children are getting on or off. Motorists must stop their cars and wait until the red lights stop flashing, the extended stop arm is withdrawn, and the bus begins moving before they can start driving again.     

*Remember, during the first week of school, students should be at the stop 10 minutes early.  During the entire school year, students should be at the stop 5 minutes early.

* Please check back often to verify the bus stop information for your child has not changed.


     What if I do not like the bus stop my child is assigned to?

1. Students must use their assigned stop.

2. If you reside within an NTZ (no transportation zone), no transportation will be provided.

3. If you have questions, contact us at:

     I noticed my child’s bus drives past my home.  Can the driver stop at my house to pick up and drop off my child?

1. Only certain students whose needs are addressed through Special Education Department are eligible for curbside bus stop service.  For other students, service is provided in accordance with distance guidelines that assures a maximum travel to the stop of one half mile.  Every effort is made to improve route efficiency by clustering students to stops and where possible, providing service on major streets, within these guidelines.

2.  Greater Clark County Schools strives to ensure the safe transportation of students.  Ultimately, each parent has the right and legal obligation to protect their child.  You may decide to keep your child at home, at any time, if you feel that it is too risky to have him/her transported to school due to inclement weather.

     Did you Know?

1.  Ileg cast f a student requires the use of crutches or has a leg cast that could cause a safety issue/concern on the bus, please email our Transportation Department ( at so alternate transportation arrangements can be made.
2.  Parents or guardians should not stop, delay or board the bus when the driver is transporting students to or from school.  In fact, it is a felony to board a school bus without permission from a school official.
3.  Remember that you are responsible for your child’s safety and conduct prior to boarding the bus and following drop off at a designated stop.  This includes walking or driving your child to and from the bus stop.  It is a parental responsibility to ensure that children arrive home safely from the bus stop.
4.  Notify the school as soon as possible of any changes to your address, telephone number, or change of baby-sitter.
5.  Skateboards, sports equipment, large poster boards, large musical instruments such as cellos, etc are not allowed on the bus.  Items must safely fit in your student’s lap.  If you student has to take any of these items to school, please make other transportation arrangements.


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